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cPanel-Based Virtual Hosting

SSD-Powered Premium Performance Redundant eMail / FTP / Web Serving

UNMETERED.WebSite provides industry leading cPanel-based managed hosting services to both personal and business clients. Our entire services platform is redundant (OnApp Cloud or Blade Hypervisors) delivering exceptional service reliability and performance. Friendly and professional Technology Support based in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada are available for the really though issues with cPanel automating management. We’ve worked with thousands of happy customers over the years and include a thirty (30) day 100% money back guarantee on all cPanel hosting solutions.


Per Month

100Mbps Speed
  • 40 Entry / 100 Concurrent CPU Processes
  • 8192 Input / Output per Second ( IOPS )
  • CloudLINUX & KernelCare Security with SSD
  • cPanel / WebHostManager with API
  • Create Unlimited NoLimit Account(s)
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Per Month

50Mbps Speed
  • 20 Concurrent HTTP / FTP Connections
  • 4096 Input / Output per Second ( IOPS )
  • CloudLINUX & KernelCare Security with SSD
  • Premium Performance & Features
  • Host Unlimited Domains
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Per Month

400Mbps Speed
  • 150 Entry / 200 Concurrent CPU Processes
  • 12K Input / Output per Second ( IOPS )
  • CloudLINUX & KernelCare Security with SSD
  • cPanel / WebHostManager with API
  • Create Reseller & NoLimit Accounts
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One Time Fix
UNMETERED.Tech Standard

$60 Single Device

Mobile / Tablet
  • Browser Configuration & Safety
  • Email Setup
  • Social Media Setup
  • Software Installation
  • New Computer Setup
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UNMETERED.Tech Personal

$75 Per Month

Upto Three (3) Devices
  • Additional Devices$10
  • Technical Assistance for Busy Households
  • Hours : Mon - Fri, 7AM - 6PM CST
  • Telephone & TeamViewer Support
  • PCs, Mobile Devices & Tablets
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UNMETERED.Tech Business

$150 Per Month

Upto Five (5) Devices
  • Additional Devices$25
  • Technical Assistance for Workplaces
  • Hours : Mon - Fri, 7AM - 6PM CST
  • Telephone & TeamViewer Support
  • Most Household & Office Technology
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No Experience Necessary

Web-based management of your eMail, FTP and WWW accessible services from the UNMETERED.IO ClientArea

What to Expect

From Your UNMETERED.WebSite Managed Hosting

Exceptional Care & Efficiency

You don't have to worry about your website or email : UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse & partners systematically monitor services while you earn in your sleep. Shared services are automatically remedied by regional contractors with notifications from UNMETERED.IO as needed : delivering unparalleled proficiency!

Fast Access to Exchange(s)

The most conscientious partners with exceptional peering to regional ISPs plus sub-1ms latency to CloudFlare from select locations delivers excellent performance to majority regional viewers directly.
Superior to Mainstream Standards

No Storage or Transfer Limit

UNMETERED Gigabytes.... Serve blogs, company websites, informational portals and more without worry : resources are monitored across servers with automatically added nodes by partners as needed.
Intended for Business & Personal WebSites and Web Applications. Not Intended for Data Backup & Archival (long-term or otherwise). More Details

Consistent Performance by Design

Scalable regional partners provision computing and network capacity to serve peak volume without hinderance, period * * If there are any performance related issues, please notify our management team for further investigation and remediation. Partners automatically & systematically maintain capacity.

Honourable Billing, No Contracts*

You should want to be with your hosting provider, not obligated to be with them : come and go as you please
* Only UnmeteredFiber Enterprise Services Have SLA & Term-Agreements
All Services Eligible For Service Level Agreement (SLA) Credit as Applicable